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September 8, 2021 by

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OMG, have you every been COMPLETELY “Zoomed out?”

Well, hell I’m just totally zoomed out. You know what I mean I’m sure. I started on “Zoom” at 10 am and finished at 4 pm, with a bit of a break here and there in between.

I’m not sure how it works for you but, I think it’s kinda like saying “in dog years.”

Annapolis Event & Special Guest Captain Hung Cao

We’ll be running a live members’ only meeting at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD in a couple of weeks. There I can do 8, 10, even 12 hours with perhaps some food and a couple of “comfort breaks (you know my bladder isn’t what it used to be) and be just fine.

It is exciting. For this event we have a special guest: Captain Hung Cao; who’s not only an Annapolis graduate, but he was the first person to flunk out of his freshman year then get re-admitted. He’s had an incredible career, and most recently (through January this year) was in charge of all anti-drone, anti-ied, anti-tunnel operations for Afghanistan.

He’s going to share with us the Leadership Training that he’s using to train our Seal Teams, other Special Operations teams, and Fortune 100 companies regularly.

Zooming to Podcast

Compare that to Zoom, and it seems I’m pretty much “brain-dead” after about 1/2 the time. Pretty much able to go strong for about 4 hours, then done. Today clearly went over that threshold by a pretty good margin.

One of those sessions was an extensive discussion of what’s working with LinkedIn and Facebook for financial advisors right now. We looked at cost per click, click-through rates, appointment rates, cost per appointment, bench-marks for conversion rates to appointment, and to new client.

Ultimately what matters is the cost for a new client from each source balanced by the “life-time” value and the first year value of each new client.

We recorded that session and the recording will end up (after some minor clean-up) as a podcast. So make sure you subscribe at Apple, Google, Spotify, or wherever you like to listen to Podcasts (Stephen Oliver’s Financial Advisor Marketing) Or watch it when it shows up on my YouTube channel (be sure you’ve subscribed,) see the link below. See below the most recent upload in which we “turned the tables” a bit and had my team member Lee Milteer interview me on success strategies used working with my own businesses and with my clients over the years.

Lessons learned from “18 Months of 2 Weeks to Flatten the Curve”

Anyway, after that rant about Zoom and whatever else, I’d note there are several things that grew out of the “18 months of 2 weeks to flatten the curve” we’ve endured.

One is that now EVERYONE knows how to use QR Codes – after using them instead of real menus at restaurants. So there are a number of uses for that technology now that just about everyone knows how to use it.

Another is that just about everyone now knows how to “ZOOM.”

I’ve found it humorous how many advisors think they are limited basically by driving radius around their office.

I already knew that you could sell from long distance. And now, all of my clients learned to close just a well on Zoom as with face-to-face meetings. In fact in many ways it’s easier.

One other thing I might add is with the right “TOOLS,” you can convert from digital media to creating a client completely from a distance. If you didn’t know it, you want to move from offline marketing to online, an from online to offline. Don’t keep them online, and don’t be afraid to use online tools in each and every process.

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