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This training course will help you break through the ceiling!

In many cases, the skills you’ve developed, and tools you use that get you to your plateau, are the very same skills and tools that are KEEPING YOU from breaking through to the next level.

In the FREE training course, you’ll learn:




Why some advisors NEVER break through their plateau, and how to avoid making that mistake.



Proven Fundamentals

The 4 PROVEN Fundamentals you MUST master to successfully drive your business to the next level.



Multiply Your Retention

How to multiply your retention and keep your clients and staff excited and motivated!



Shorten Your Learning

How to “tap into” the experience of THE MOST successful advisors in the world, and dramatically shorten your

Stephen Oliver has been the guiding light for the professional business owners for more than 15 years, and is now leading the next generation of Financial Advisors to levels of professionalism and performance previously thought impossible!

There is no shortcut on the road to success, but you certainly can follow the path of those who’ve come before you, and save yourself the time, energy and money by learning from their mistakes.

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  • Stephen Oliver is a walking business success system. Anyone who taps into his knowledge will be positively affected. He is able to see the weak spots in any business and give instant feedback on how to quickly correct key problems and enhance business operations.

  • We have been a partner with Stephen Oliver and the Advisor Wealth Mastery team for a few years now. The team is extremely knowledgeable on how to grow a financial advisor firm - and their tactics are not just your run of the mill marketing tactics. By working with the Wealth Mastery team, you can implement a system that has worked for many other advisors to get your business to the next level. If you're tired of constantly just relying on referrals and dragging yourself to dozens of networking events to try to pick up clients, then this new book is for you.

  • It's been said that you can't attach a rope at the top of a mountain to help you in your first ascent... you need someone to set the course and throw you the rope. Stephen Oliver has climbed the mountain many, many times over, and he'll get you where you want to be. It's what he does.

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