Hack Away the Unessential.

September 3, 2021 by Greg


Hone in to the essence of what you do

Just a short note today. Trying to take most of the week on a bit of a “spring break” without the craziness going on in Miami. Took my son 12 soon to be 13 on a brief trip into the sun without the insanity.

Anyway, thought I’d share another of my favorite quotes (if you missed yesterday’s email – go back and pull the Paul McCartney quote)

This one’s another favorite. Bruce Lee was a close friend and training partner with my Martial Arts Teacher – Jhoon Rhee. Lee literally took the world by storm and died too young.

Anyway, this is a chunk of a much larger conversation with Bruce Lee, which if you didn’t know had a library of 1,000’s of books and video reels many on psychology and philosophy as well as any and all types of martial arts including especially boxing, fencing, etc.

This quote I believe is especially relevant for you.

It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.


Always review.

How much stuff are you doing daily, weekly, monthly that just doesn’t need to be done?

How much could be outsourced, if necessary to be done at all.

If not “oursourceable” (if that’s a word.) how much could be delegated to someone at a MUCH lower hourly rate than you?

Adding on and adding on does little to grow your income (or, your sanity)

Hacking away at the unessentials is priceless.

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