Seminar Ideas for Financial Advisors

December 9, 2020 by

Advisor Wealth Mastery Team

Events like webinars and lunch and learns are a great way to bring new clients to your financial advisory practice. They allow you to explain the services you offer and their benefits. If you do several of these events throughout the year, you may be searching for ideas to keep your seminars fresh. Before you reach for the t-shirt launcher, here are some seminar ideas for financial advisors to help you keep things interesting. While these are broken down by time frame based on events and seasons in the US, you can use them whenever you like. 

Mid December-February: 

December through February is an excellent time to focus on tax prep and planning. December 31st is usually the deadline for ensuring that your taxpayer information is correct on most platforms. Then most people receive their tax documents in mid to late January.  Although some may not be receive their info until late February. You can remind your clients and potential clients to verify their information. And you can also cover any tax law changes that may impact them. 


The biggest financially related occurrence that happens during this time period is Tax Day. It’s a good time to discuss subjects like saving for retirement and investing strategically. You can tie both topics into a discussion around making decisions that won’t impact how much you pay in taxes. You can also discuss them in their own right. And they both make great topics for lunch and learn style events.


As children head back to school, many parents start to consider the cost of education. That makes July through September a great time to focus on saving for college and other educational expenses. You can also discuss ways to manage those expenses and direct parents toward resources that can reduce their out-of-pocket costs. 

October- Early December

This is when most people start their holiday spending so it makes sense to discuss budgeting and responsible spending. These work as standalone topics, or you can integrate them into a discussion on finding money in your budget to save and invest. These topics work well if you tend to target young professionals, or if you’re invested in helping people build their finances. 

These seminar ideas for financial advisors are handy if you’re out of ideas. They are also perfect if you’re just starting to offer seminars or other presentation based events. If you’re looking for more ways to grow your business, download our free checklist 10 Things to Grow Your Financial Advisor Practice.

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