Marketing financial advisory services

Marketing Financial Advisory Services to Businesses

If you’re looking to grow your practice, consider marketing your financial advisory services to businesses as a top priority. The idea of marketing your services as business to business (B2B) may seem daunting when you’re used to serving individual clients. That’s understandable as the demographic comes with its own set of challenges, but it’s worth it. This is especially true when you consider that only 40% of small business owners have worked with a financial advisor. With that in mind, it’s likely that the businesses in your area are an underserved market. If you’re ready to shift to offering business services, here’s some information that can help. 

Business owners don’t often have “finding a financial advisor” high on their list of things to do. This applies to those with established businesses and those who are just starting out. As a result, you may be marketing services toward someone who doesn’t know that they need them. With this in mind, you may consider partnering with and marketing through trusted sources. Business owners may be more receptive since you’re working with an organization they already trust. 

Financial Advisory Services for Businesses

When working to convert B2B prospects, show them the value of your services as it applies to their business. They should understand that your services are a worthwhile investment. This may mean introducing them to new financial products, or just showing them how you can save them time and money. The real key to B2B customers lies in building a real relationship with them, and showing them that you’re trustworthy. Ultimately, their business and their employees are important to them, and the money they spend and invest has an impact beyond them as individuals. 

Providing your services to businesses can be rewarding and profitable. In order to win their business, you have to adjust your marketing plan accordingly. If you’re to grow your business by offering B2B services, contact us to schedule a consultation: