Results or Reasons?

December 11, 2020 by

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Winners Remember Results…Losers Remember Reasons. Which One Are You?

I was in Atlanta for an event with Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Lee Milteer, George Foreman, and others. Several business owners have taken my advice to pay attention to what Bill and Dan have to say. A couple of them foolishly missed the Academy event and it probably would have done them much better. For those who were at both, congratulations for bettering yourselves. Seminars like these are an opportunity to focus on a key question of business growth: results or reasons?

Surprise Genius

One speaker was my friend Lloyd Irvin. And it was interesting to hear Lloyd speak. Throughout his presentation, he continued to talk about this genius businessperson who started him on the path to becoming a millionaire. He spoke of provocative emails received. He talked about comments such as “any idiot can run a business doing $30,000 or more per month.” And he shared other bits of advice he was given that propelled him to go from running a $7,000-a-month business to making $1,000,000-plus.

Funnily enough, I was the genius he meant. Frankly, in my state of mind at that event, my reaction was erroneous. I thought, “Gee sounds like I used to be pretty smart.” That is not great self-talk. However, it was incredibly interesting to hear my advice filtered through Lloyd to the crowd (and back to me).

He explained how he had spent $397 for a ‘password’ to access my Digital Extraordinary marketing book. Irvin then went on to share how that book, while he was in Brazil training, pushed his gross from $7,000 to $20,000-plus. He also described paying $2,750 for the first Marketing Boot Camp. Then he spent $5,000 for a ‘box of marketing stuff’ I was selling at the event. Each time he invested, his return was 100 times or more in his financial results.

Those were his first steps to creating a $1,000,000 business and, quite frankly, a $10,000,000-plus ‘marketing empire.’ It’s an empire that includes running his own business and applying marketing online in the digital age.

The “Secret Room”

He reminded me I had told him unfortunately 97% of people who attend a seminar, read a book, or learned a bit of material, would do nothing with the knowledge. Another piece of advice he shared was the moment I asked him: “What are your goals for the next 12 months, 3 years and 5 years?” When he answered he hadn’t thought of his goals, I responded with a sarcastic: “That’s OK, 97% of the people haven’t thought about them either — those that won’t do anything.” This is something I see in financial advisors and say to them just as often.

He called what I had taught him the ‘secret room’. In other words, people think when you go to a seminar or event, a few of those attendees are taken to a ‘secret room’ and given the ‘real secrets’. Obviously, at the events he attended which made him a millionaire, there was no secret room. He heard the same message from me as others did. The difference was he violently executed what he learned unlike the others who didn’t.

Implementation is Everything

His metaphor, taken from a conversation on a tape that I gave him (sold him) called The Go-To Guy by John Carlton and Gary Halbert, is a “gun to the head”. Implementing as if someone has a gun to your child’s head, and if you don’t do it during the time allotted, then your child will be shot.

Most of us act as if tomorrow is as good as today. Big winners take actions that absolutely must happen this minute — as if there was a gun to their heads or their children’s heads — and they will implement right now.

It’s what frustrated me the most about the bottom one-third of my coaching clients. When it came to results or reasons, they were all about the reasons. We’d have the same conversation every month. I’d give them a list of tasks, and then 30 days later they would still not have implemented them. A couple of years ago I decided not to accept coaching clients I thought would be like that. And I fired those coaching clients with whom I ever had the conversation the third time, or if I had too many conversations a second time.

What’s the takeaway from this? Do you want results or reasons? Implement as if your life depended on it. Wake every morning and knock off your top 5 or 6 items on your to-do list. Do them and move forward — quick!

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