Stephen Oliver has "one of those days"

One of “THOSE” Days

I imagine you’ve been there done that, but geez yesterday was one of “those day’s !”

So, I get up and go through the usual routine ahead of a jam-packed, back-to-back, Zoom meetings all day type of day. Jump in the shower just as all the power in the house, on the block, in the neighborhood powers down. Just had time to shower, get dressed, and a quick bite to eat before my first of 4 back-to-back Zoom meetings. The first a small group of $1,000,000 + earning clients and growing and developing their staff. Next a client who needs a bit of a “kick-in-the-butt,” next a larger group of new clients, and then a new prospective client and more to come. Again, back-to-back.

Ok, plan B. Pull out the MAC Pro figuring I’ll just use a cell connection which frankly doesn’t work very well for video conferencing but it will have to do. Ooops. Batteries almost dead. Pull out the Mac Air – same deal. Note to self – the Seal team saying – two is one, one is none only works if you keep the batteries charged. My bad. Well, next step, use the IPad or IPhone with cellular connection, probably not going to work for my day.

So I pack up the gadgets and head to Starbucks. I go in and order, find a place to plug my laptop, and get comfortable – just as I hear “Don’t get too comfortable the lobby is closed.” Ooops, lock-downs strike again. After a short conversation I figure out that ALL OF THEM in proximity have lobbies that are closed.

Well, hell.

Anyway, staff handled the first two meetings. Just fine. Headed back to the house to find the power restored in time for my 12 noon meeting, with just enough time to plug in both lap tops to charge – just in case.

Sometimes when your day starts sideways, it’s hard to get back into the groove. Add to it as soon as I logged into a meeting with about 30 members, my microphone didn’t power on when the power came back on – another 5 minute effort to get it fixed.

After 50 years+ of Martial Arts training combined with doing all of the “head trip” stuff from NLP and Tony Robbins to Zig Ziglar and the rest, I’m extremely good at take a deep breath and reset.

Actually, by the time all was said and done I got more done that day than in three or four normal days. Letters banged out; meetings; organization and marketing pieces finished and out the door; and even a hair cut in the middle.

It’s interesting how many people I know where something small – power out, plumbing problem – or something bigger like a traffic accident can blow their mental state for the day, week, even month.

It’s an essential tool to be able to “reset” and get back in the game.

I’m a boxing fan and martial artist. When watching boxing the difference between champions and the also-rans is in their ability to mentally get back in the game. Back when Tyson was at his peak, you’d see it a lot. They’d come out all full of confidence until they got hit in the nose. After that many – perhaps even most – never got back in the game.

Certainly with us, that’s the deal.

Not every client meeting goes as planned.

Too many days prospects blow you off or reschedule.

Just as you thought the deal was done, the rest of the paperwork never shows up. The money doesn’t get transferred. The deal goes sideways.

The big winners reset and get back into the game, immediately. Always understanding it’s a number’s game. Never spending the money before it shows up in their account.