Captain Hung Cao at Annapolis

Busy Weekend

Wow, Busy Weekend – I’m Exhausted


Nothing like a 6 am flight to top off a busy weekend and add to my level of exhaustion.

Just had a busy travel weekend. Very unusual since I frankly make every effort not to travel unless it’s taking my kids to Comicon or headed to a beach somewhere. However, we had our member meeting in Annapolis including high level leadership meetings at the United States Naval Academy.

Then the following Friday, headed back to the United States Naval Academy for a retirement ceremony for a true American Hero, Black Belt, and Leadership Trainer for our team – Captain Hung Cao. I’ll have him join us for an upcoming Podcast on the highest level of leadership development – lessons under fire.


We had a chance to meet (again) and have a brief discussion with Oliver North. A few really disturbing details of the “behind the scenes” on the “train-wreck” of a withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Bless him and everyone working around our State Department to keep getting the 1,000+ American’s left behind, not to mention the many others that we promised to protect.


And, then it was off to Jacksonville, Florida for a funeral. The husband/father of clients in that area who was taken by Covid way too young (69.). A great quote from the service is a follows:


As a final thought you may with to take a moment to watch our newest podcast offering. A complete Primer on Advertising for Financial Advisors. The YouTube Link is shown below of pull up “Stephen Oliver’s Financial Advisor Marketing” on any major Podcast Directory.