Nurture Educate and Entertain

Nurture, Educate, and Entertain your Prospects and Clients

Nurture, Educate, and Entertain your Prospects and Clients CONTINUALLY – Forever.

Gee, it seems like I keep having this conversation with otherwise really sharp people….

I keep repeating that Ogilvy Quote about a “moving parade of humanity.”

What on earth am I talking about?

Well, regardless of whether we are talking about “prospects,” people who have attended an event or in some way have “raised their hand” or long-term clients, it seems that we lose track of the reality of people’s lives and that of groups of people.

With “Suspects” or “Prospects” just because they don’t immediately follow-through with working with you, doesn’t mean that they won’t be ready to move forward in 3 months, 9 months, or 18 months. Or, perhaps their wife, husband, niece, nephew, associate at work or someone else in their circle will have a need for your services.

That’s why you need to continue to “drip on them,” to nurture them.

To communicate with them. To provide educational opportunities. To invite them to events. You need to continue to stay “top of mind” and continue to educate them about you and your various skills and opportunities. That’s why they need your book on their desk. Your special “white paper” on key topics. There are many ways to stay top of mind but, certainly giving up or sending them an email periodically certainly doesn’t accomplish your objective.

And, by the way we almost always over estimate how memorable we are and under estimate how apathetic the average person is about our business. With each passing week there are more and more messages hitting them from all angles. More and more perceived or real crisis going on in their head. More and more “clutter” in everything they see.

And, I might add it seems that financial advisors are having a contest to see who can be the least memorable, to see who can be most stereo typical. It’s much better to be idiosyncratic. To stand out. To be memorable.

With clients it’s essentially the same problem. I’ve talked with several advisors in the last couple of days who basically told me that their bottom 150 or 200 of clients aren’t very worthwhile and they needed to trim them from the client list.

My question was in part, how do you know that?

Is it that you formed an opinion when you sold them an annuity, term life policy or whatever? Have you continued to communicate with those people?

Back to that “moving parade of humanity.”

There’s a fairly high probability that some of them have had or will have an inheritance. Some portion have family members who need your help. Some portion have married or divorced. Some have sold their company or been promoted.

The big issue in both categories (among others) is you have to nurture prospects and clients CONTINUALLY. You need to stay interesting. It’s imperative to continually educate them about problems that you can solve and issues where they should connect with you.

Well, more on this later. I’d invite you to request a copy of my books at – I discuss more in depth how to create “personality” in everything you do and how to nurture, educate, and entertain clients and students.

Stephen Oliver
Wealth Mastery