Keep the “Main Thing the Main Thing”

I talked to an advisor last week and he said something strange to me.

I really don’t want to ‘Target my marketing and fish in the right pond’ as you suggest. I really don’t want to deal with ‘rich assholes.’ I’d rather deal with people like what I’m working with now and just figure out how to get my income up that way.

Well, it’s great to have a charity, community outreach activity, to help those who need help and can’t afford it. However, it’s hard to build a thriving business that way.

Others advisors want to focus on the technical aspects. And they feel they shouldn’t have to lower themselves with the “sales” and “marketing” stuff. Another way to fail to build a thriving practice. I’ll keep it short. But if you or others – perhaps those working for you – are distracted, here’s one of my favorite quotes from Paul McCartney. Clearly focusing on the money didn’t hurt their art.