Is Money Laying Around In Your Business?

February 22, 2021 by

Advisor Wealth Mastery Team

“That guy found tons of money laying around in my business that I didn’t know was there.”

I had a conversation with a new client today.

Somehow it came up that he had “checked me out” with another member that I had worked with for years and was impressed with his description of working with me.

Naturally curious I asked about the conversation.

He said, although he didn’t remember it all of what was said, what really stuck out was the following observation:

“That guy found tons of money laying around in my business that I didn’t know was there.”

I chuckled at that one.

Reminded of another 3rd party reference that went something like this……”I don’t know much about him but he certainly seems to turn shacks into mansions.”

Well, thank you to both.

I heard Jay Abraham say one time that most people have more money laying around on the floor of their business that they don’t bother to pick up than they are currently making.

I find it’s true that there is a ton of money that’s untapped in most businesses. However, not to argue with Jay, it’s also the case that they are unable to see it without an experienced, creative, and objective outside party looking over their shoulder.

I had a luncheon like that today with a client.

We went through a list of current clients where we identified $250,000+ in potential annual additional revenue that just hadn’t been realized. Sitting there dormant in his list. We planned a complete action plan to go “pick it up” in the next 6 weeks.

Quite at realization.

In the conversation we came up with several other similar opportunities. Just sitting there dormant – untapped.

What’s in your list, just waiting to be realized?

For just about everyone there’s six figures, even seven sitting in their prospect list.

Lots of individuals who haven’t yet become clients, just being forgotten rather than being nurtured. Even those not yet ready to be clients are often outstanding sources of referrals.

It’s one of the things that I’ve become really good at over the years with many, many different clients. It’s helping them look at their business through a new angle. Looking for money buried in their list. Money laying around their business – invisible until revealed.

That’s just “food for thought,” but I’d welcome you to set a time to see if we can come up with two or three six figure opportunities ignored in your business. Register for free gifts and a time to chat here:

Stephen Oliver
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