Don’t Be Boring.

Don’t be boring. Put your personality into everything you do…

Standout from the crowd, expanded.

Back to Earl Nightingale:

If you don’t have a good model for success, just look at what everybody else is doing and do the opposite.

That’s exactly right.

There are so many cases that are easy to see when you look a bit under the surface where someone just did the opposite of what everyone else was doing in a market and captured the “lion’s share” of the customer base.

And, by the way to tell you something that you already know.

Financial Advisors are just a step above engineers and CPA’s as a group for being thought of as having little or no personality. BORING with a capital B. It’s not exactly difficult to standout from the crowd on that one.

Again, nothing that I’m saying is about offensive for the sake of being offensive.

What I am saying is that there are clearly “subgroups” of people, many of those subgroups are those with similar interests and hobby’s – perhaps the same stuff you are into already.

That’s similar to having a “Niche.”

That’s an important concept as well.

You can be the person who’s Niche is anything from Microsoft employees to being THE Guy for Dentists. It’s certainly useful that you find a group who are going to fit your “Avatar” client – your ideal client. Depending of course, on what you are trying to accomplish in your practice it’s best to target a niche (& subgroup as well) that’s likely to have the minimum income and/or minimum assets that you are targeting to accomplish your goals.

It might be easy for example to target individuals who have a job that’s unlikely to give them the assets that you’re targeting (hairstylists, folks bagging in grocery stores, etc) or target a subgroup of hobbiest who are unlikely to have the assets or income that you’re targeting.

In everything you do it’s important that you:

1. Put PERSONALITY into everything. In writing, video, audio – everything.

2. Look at your hobbies and interests and, figure out areas to put emphasis on those areas. Be a character. Be interesting.

3. Never focus on EVERYONE should be a client, narrow cast and focus.

4. It’s always easiest to “be one of them” to resonate with people who have similar interest and experiences.

Stephen Oliver
Wealth Mastery