Build Authority to stand out from the financial advisor crowd.

Building Authority with Digital Content

Authority is the power to influence others because of one’s recognized knowledge about something. Building authority is important if you’re looking to grow your financial advisor business. Like trust, authority isn’t something you buy; it’s something that you have to earn. While earning and building authority can take some time, you can speed up the process. As more aspects of our lives go digital, digital content is an excellent way to increase your authority. 


If you search for “how to build authority”, you’ll notice quite a few commands to write a book. Books are great, but they aren’t the only authority building content. Blogging is useful for online marketing, and it’s a great option for building authority. With blogging, you have the benefit of putting new content out on a regular basis. This lets you keep up with and speak to current events that can impact people’s finances. Consistent blogging boosts authority by displaying that you are knowledgeable. It also shows that you work based on current information. 


Another option for authority boosting content is video. Video is great for building authority because it puts a face and a voice to your knowledge. That lets people connect with you in a way that doesn’t happen with text based content. You can record and upload videos to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also hold live sessions on these platforms. Live sessions let you address questions in real time and enhance the trust bond that’s necessary when building authority.


In 2019 there were around 88 million podcast listeners in the US. That makes podcasting an excellent option for building your authority. Podcasts tend to have a run time of 30-60 minutes so it’s a great format for discussion and addressing questions. Another plus is that collaboration may be easier because of the audio only format. Collaboration with industry leaders or influencers shows your audience that you’re credible. 

There are many ways to build authority. Digital content has the advantage of being fairly inexpensive to produce and being easy to share.

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