Coaching Benefits for Financial Advisors

Benefits of Marketing Coaching for Financial Advisors

When you look for ways to grow your financial advisory practice, you discover a number of options. There are books, websites, social media groups, and coaches, and they all claim that they can help you reach your goals. If you only consider cost, books, websites, and social media groups will appear to be your best option. All of these options are no cost or low cost, and that can make them appealing. If you take a more holistic view of your needs, coaching can be a better value. This is especially true when you consider how much time it’ll take to succeed with the inexpensive options. Marketing coaching is an investment in your business, and there are a number of benefits. Here are 3 important ones:

Benefit 1:

One of the biggest benefits of marketing coaching is receiving support tailored to your unique situation. A good coach takes details such as your existing processes and metrics into consideration before they help you develop a plan. With other options you get information that’s generic so that it covers a variety of needs and goals. You’re less likely to reach your goals if you follow a plan designed with a generic approach. 

Benefit 2:

Another benefit of investing in marketing coaching is the built in accountability. Your coach should hold you accountable for implementing the plan you create. That accountability means you’re forced to stay on track and reach your goals. It also means you’re less likely to get sidetracked or to be tempted to follow the lead of mediocre financial advisors. It’s worth noting that some coaches will drop you as a client if you consistently fail to follow through. Your coach is a business person, and while they want to help you, they do value their time and yours. 

Benefit 3:

Finally, a marketing coach can provide a space for strategizing and provide constructive feedback on your ideas. You should work with your coach to create a marketing plan versus them handing you something ready-made. As you work through the plan, you may have ideas about adjusting the strategy. A coach can help you evaluate the strength of those ideas and point out any flaws. 


These are just a few of the benefits of working with a marketing coach. You will want to find a coach who’s a good fit for you. Some coaches work with new advisors, while others may focus on seasoned advisors who are looking to boost their growth. Regardless of where you fall, coaching can improve your business. If you’re considering marketing coaching, contact us to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.