A Financial Advisor’s Guide on How to Stay Up to Date on Market Trends

February 13, 2021 by

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Keeping up with market trends is absolutely critical, whether you’re an investor or a financial advisor.

As the financial markets are volatile and constantly changing, it’s vital that financial advisors stay in the know about upcoming trends in the global and domestic market so they can give actionable, trustworthy advice to their clients.

If you’re a financial advisor, read on for some important information that can help you keep up to date on all of the latest market trends for a happier, more prosperous outcome.

Follow the Headlines

Major events across the globe can have a significant impact on the financial market. To stay on top of these changes, you should monitor the day’s headlines in order to keep up with the ever-changing times.

Keeping up to date on headlines doesn’t mean that you need to sit down and read in-depth articles each day. However, knowing what’s happening can help you see the impact on the way the market moves.

If you’re not a fan of cable news outlets or news-based websites, the Financial Times is a good place to start. This daily news website offers relevant, updated news on all things related to finance, the markets, and how it correlates with the goings-on of the world.

Pay attention to stock tips and see how they sync up with global and national events. Over time, you’ll be able to correlate how these things work together, and how they affect the market which can help guide your decision-making.

Ways to Stay Informed

Most busy financial advisors simply don’t have time to continuously check the headlines. Consider installing a news ticker on your computer so it’s constantly scrolling in the background.

A news ticker allows you to see the headlines at a glance without having to read through countless news stories. Another great way to keep up with the world is to try a news aggregator.

A news aggregator is a program you can install that provides you with a feed of all the latest headlines. It’s another easy method to help you keep track of the world without distracting you from the business at hand. If you prefer not to have a feed or ticker, you can simply check the headlines of major news outlets on their financial page (such as CNBC) for updates.

Tracking Market Trends: Interest Rates and Commodity Prices 

Another way to keep up to date on market trends is to monitor interest rates and commodity prices. When interest rates are high, it tends to drive stock prices down as companies spend more money to pay down loans. Making these payments can temporarily decrease their earnings.

Lower earnings tend to result in lower stock prices, which means it could be a good time for your clients to buy. Alternatively, the low interest rates could also mean that many companies will see an increase in their bottom line, which means higher earnings. Higher earnings can potentially lead to higher equity prices, too.

Keep a close eye on interest rates to get a better feel for how the market may perform. Understanding these rates and how they affect stock prices will help you give sound advice to your clients.

It’s also crucial to track commodity prices such as fuel costs. These prices fluctuate and may have a significant impact on clients and their holdings.

Certain industries will see a drop in profits as the price for commodities, such as lumber or fuel, increase. However, other companies will flourish and profit as the trade prices go higher. A good example is the price of lumber and steel: as these prices go up or down, it affects the construction and manufacturing sector.

Tracking Software

Another way to stay abreast of market trends is to utilize a web-based or software-based tracking tool. These full-featured programs can help you manage portfolios, monitor trends, and get a glimpse into how the market is moving daily.

Look for a program that allows you to keep an eye on things like using streaming updates or offering advice on stocks that could be a potentially good buy. A program that includes analysis tools is recommended since it will help you put your finger on the pulse of the market more effectively and may help you make smarter money moves for your clients.

Before you commit to market tracking software, look for several options that offer a free trial. This will give you the opportunity to try several first-hand before you make a commitment. 

Use the various tools available on the web to your advantage by finding some free, web-based tracking tools. Nasdaq provides real-time information on single stocks as well as complete portfolios. This service includes free tools and alerts that you can customize, as well as a logo ticker you can add to your computer for instant updates.

The key to any tracking tool or software is to use something that gives you quotes in real-time. These trackers make it much easier for you to monitor any activity as it occurs so you can make smart, accurate decisions. 


You may prefer to listen to what’s going on in the markets while you work in order to keep up with the latest investment trends. Financial investment-based podcasts are a great way to get all the news you need without having to stop what you’re doing and read updates or check the headlines.

Most financial or investment-based podcasts are geared toward the individual investor, but they can also be terrific resources for advisors, too. You may want to listen to several different podcasts until you find the one that’s right for you and that gives you the information you need.

Some financial and investing podcasts discuss the news of the day, technology stocks, and current trends. Others may go deeper and delve into topics like market projections, asset allocation, and how things like trade policy could affect the markets. 

It’s up to you to determine which podcast will provide you with the information you need to stay on top of the latest market trends. You can also alternate between several podcasts to get different takes, hear key updates, and to find a podcaster that has the style of content you like best.

Consider Market Forecasting Tools

While it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the financial markets from day to day, forecasting tools can help you give sound advice to clients. These interactive tools give you the opportunity to look more deeply at each individual client’s personal profile and portfolio.

With a forecasting tool, you can tweak different scenarios such as job changes, age, and major life events to see how they’ll affect your client’s investments. Although these tools aren’t completely foolproof, they can be an extremely helpful way to gain a clearer insight into what clients can expect.

Choose a tool that will break everything down into a comprehensive report showing income, assets, and debt so that you have the complete picture. By integrating this tool into your overall strategy, you’ll have more ways to suggest actionable changes that can make a difference.

If possible, offer your clients the ability to use these tools independently, too. It will help them feel more in control and give them a better idea of what they may expect in the future regarding their investment portfolio.

Stay Aware of New Industry Trends

Perhaps one of the best ways to stay on top of market trends is to continuously look toward the future. Technology and science are rapidly changing, and new companies are constantly coming into the spotlight.

You can get a clearer picture of the future of the market by keeping abreast of these new and innovative companies. Whether it’s a startup or a tech company that’s launched a new product, it’s always wise to keep a close eye on up and coming stocks.

Industries like space tourism, new developments in transportation, and wearable tech are all good examples of possible wins for investors. Keep things fresh and new to ensure that your clients’ portfolios have a good mix of tried and true stocks along with some potentially amazing future performers.

You can find out about potential new investments by checking technology journals, listening to podcasts, or subscribing to blogs that cover these kinds of stories. The more you understand what’s happening in these new industries, the better the odds that you’ll be able to give wise advice on investing in them. Of course, always remember that trends come and go and that every investment should be a reliable one that works for the long-term.

Tracking Trends Ensures Success

Whether it’s scanning the headlines or listening to the latest podcast, there are plenty of resources to help you keep up with market trends. Remember to use all of the information you receive in a thoughtful way that brings the best results possible to your clients.

If you’re looking for ways to build your client base or need more advice, please feel free to contact us today!

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