A Calmer 2021?

I’m so glad that things have settled down for 2021 compared to last year, aren’t you?

Ok, just kidding.

Market’s way up.

Politics continue to run off the rails.

Vaccines are ready to roll. But, no wait the governor’s don’t seem to be able to organize a “two car parade.”

Looks like Arkansas is the worst – no Arkansas jokes, one side of my family is from Arkansas!

We aren’t surprised that California and New York’s a mess, are we?

I am a bit surprised that West Virginia and Oklahoma seem to be leading the way on getting the highest percentage of their population vaccinated.

For our industry, the “Big Apple” historically has been Meca, wouldn’t you say?

Is it coming back?

De Blasio & Covid seem to be the perfect storm in a seemingly organized effort to kill the financial capital of the world. Is it going to come back? I guessing a bunch of firms continue the exodus to Austin or other more tolerable locales.

All of this is a concern.

People are worried.

Not to sound too Mercenary but, turmoil can be good for expert advisors.

Seems to me that “robo-advisors” aren’t all that reassuring in times of turmoil, right?

Add to all of that, pretty much everyone in the western world knows how to use Zoom. Whether they are 15 or 75 it’s become a standard and the technology exists in every home (certainly everyone that would be a qualified client has access to IPads, smart phones, laptops, with high speed internet.)

Love it or hate it, it certainly opens up the world to you doesn’t it.

Must clients really come to your office. Is it necessary to have lunch or dinner meetings in order to attract a crowd? Wouldn’t your most affluent clients rather have you meet with them in their office by video than try and get together face-to-face?

All things to think about don’t you think?

The ability not to be limited as much by geography makes it a lot easier to be “The Expert” to a Niche. That let’s you be as person with someone who lives down the street as someone who lives across the country.

Now, I know this is a bit of a rant – but, while it seems like our world has lost it’s collective mind opportunity is around every corner. As Thomas Edison is said to have said: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

I’d love to chat and give you some thoughts on how to maximize 2021.

Let’s ramp up your client flow, and simplify your operations to dramatically improve your results.