Using Client Testimonials in Your Marketing Plan

December 23, 2020 by

Advisor Wealth Mastery Team

When someone decides to make a large purchase, they tend to search the internet for reviews. It makes sense that they’d do the same when looking for someone to help manage their finances. Since you aren’t a product on Amazon, it’s unlikely that prospective clients will find reviews of your services online. This can be a problem as some people who commit without proof of your skills. This is why client testimonials are an important part of your marketing plan. Whether it’s your website or your printed collateral, testimonials from your clients are powerful tools when it comes to growing your business. And the SEC is adjusting restrictions on using client testimonials so it’s even easier and more important to be ready to use them. 

If you rely on referrals for new business, you’re already using client testimonials to some degree. This indicates that they value your skills, and that they’ll be receptive to providing a more formal statement. Being receptive doesn’t mean that they’ll volunteer, but they’re likely to say yes if you ask them. When you ask, be sure to be clear about how you’ll use their statements. You should also make sure you get permission for any photos you may use. 

How to Collect Client Testimonials

Once your clients agree to provide testimonials, there are a few ways to collect them. You can have them write up their testimonial for use on your website or printed marketing materials. Another option is to have them leave reviews on your Facebook or LinkedIn page. These social media can help positive information surface if a prospective client searches your name. 

Developing a comprehensive marketing plan requires you to take a serious look at how you allocate your marketing budget. While there are things that will require you to spend more money, there are also free/inexpensive options. Customer testimonials are an excellent way to improve your marketing and make you more appealing to potential customers. 

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