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Extra, Extra, Read All About It! 14 Sources for Financial Advisor News

Are you planning on becoming a financial advisor? You’re not the only one. The financial advisor profession is expected to grow by 4% by 2029. Because of this, the field is expected to become more competitive.

What are the ways you can secure clients and offer high-quality services? Staying up-to-date on the latest financial news will keep your knowledge current.

But where should you get your news and developments? There are many financial websites, blogs, and magazines. But knowing the best news sources will ensure you’re getting the right information. Here are the 14 best financial advisor news sources.

1. Abnormal Returns

Abnormal Returns is an investment blog. The owner is Tadas Viskanta, a private investor.

He also has a book titled Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere. He has also co-authored different articles that appeared in renowned publications such as the Financial Analysts Journal.

Financial advisors will love his Links of the Day posts. These posts include market news, daily charts, companies to watch, and strategy news.

To better keep up with his content, you can sign up for his free newsletter.

2. The Reformed Broker

The Reformed Broker is one of the most widely acclaimed financial blogs in the whole country. Joshua M. Brown owns the blog. He is the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and is an advisor on the boards of different companies. He is also the author of the book Backstage Wall Street.

Brown has also received accolades from other news sources. For example, he was featured on Investment News’ “40 Under 40” list of top advisors.

In addition to Brown’s blogs and the latest finance news, he also runs a podcast where he discusses news in finance, fintech, and more. He offers a new episode every Friday morning.

3. Advisor Perspectives

Advisor Perspectives is an online publication that offers insights for registered investment advisors (RIAs). This publication offers industry-related analysis on financial topics as well as market commentary.

One of the biggest advantages that this blog has over others is how multiple advisors are regular contributors. Advisors will receive different opinions and insights. You’ll also receive general business advice, such as organizing effective meetings.

The best way to stay updated with Advisor Perspectives is to sign up for their email newsletter. You’ll receive insights into the economy, recommended investment strategies, and interviews with key figures in the industry.

4. FFPad

FFPad started as a blog for financial advisors. They cover topics such as insight, news, and leadership on financial planning technology. Now, they expanded to host an iTunes podcast and they now upload video content on YouTube.

Bill Winterberg owns FFPad. He’s best-known as a personality in the financial planning industry. Winterberg received recognition as the first fintech vlogger/blogger.

Winterberg also covers the changing financial advising landscape. An example is location independent financial advisors, who are traveling advisors.

Since Winterberg is also well-versed in content, he offers advice for different types of marketing such as SEO and advertising. His marketing advice is also tech-focused, centering on certain strategies such as lead generation.

5. Nerd’s Eye View

Nerd’s Eye View is one of the oldest financial planning blogs on this list. Formed in 2008 by Michael Kitces, Nerd’s Eye View helps financial advisors identify and profit on industry trends.

He also offers technical education to ensure financial advisors improve their services. This advice will help advisors attract and retain clients. He also covers technological and behavioral advancements so advisors can grow their practice.

Kitces not only includes financial content. He also covers topics that may affect advisors, such as legal topics.

Kitces is a great insider for this information. He’s a partner at Pinnacle Advisory Group. Some of his most notable posts include his weekend posts that highlight major news that occurred during the week.

6. Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a magazine available in digital and print. It also serves as an educational platform for advisors. Financial Planning offers essential financial information as well as news, research, and opinions.

Financial Planning is popular because they offer all topics under the finance realm. Common topics include market moves and retirement. They also offer advice for advisors, such as scaling your practice.

Keep in mind, you do need an account to read Financial Planning’s content. Don’t worry, creating an account is free.

7. Financial Advisor Magazine

Financial Advisor Magazine is one of the most well-known finance publications. This magazine targets financial advisors as well as independent broker-dealers and RIAs.

Financial Advisor Magazine is popular because they focus on non-traditional strategies. This ensures advisors can keep up with an unpredictable market and can serve a wide variety of clients. For more educational content, Financial Advisor Magazine also offers whitepapers and webcasts.

Financial Advisor Magazine also offers business advice for different practices. Some content examples include practice management ideas and more.

8. offers free content and a paid subscription. If you pay for a subscription, you can receive premium content every week. covers topics such as market updates and industry news.

What makes this website stand out is the different financial topics they cover. Examples include ESG, retirement, tax planning, fintech, and insight into leading female advisors.

While is geared toward advisors, they offer content that your clients will find useful. This includes information on social security and handling your finances during a crisis.

9. ThinkAdvisor

ThinkAdvisor is a financial resource and information network that targets investment advisors. They also operate two subscription-based magazines, Research on Wealth and Investment Advisor.

ThinkAdvisor offers a variety of content. Examples include quizzes, interviews with investment advisors, business advice for advisors, and investment news.

Their content covers a variety of topics. This includes wealth management, investments, insurance, retirement planning, practice management, and fintech. They also recently developed a COVID-19 section.

ThinkAdvisor also goes above and beyond with their newsletters. You can choose which content you want to receive. Examples include developing stories, the latest news, analysis, breaking news, weekend review, and top stories. You can also opt to receive newsletters about practice management and insurance.

10. Journal of Financial Planning

Do you have a membership with the Financial Planning Association (FPA)? If so, you already receive the Journal of Financial Planning. This magazine is only available to FPA members. Advisors will benefit from this membership. They will receive timely updates on developments in the industry.

Journal of Financial Planning is one of the most renowned publications on this list. It has been around for over 40 years. Many consider this publication to be the gold standard for accurate information and thought leadership.

11. Barron’s

Barron’s is a weekly publication devoted to investing. While it targets all investors, Barron’s also offers in-depth charts for dedicated advisors and investors.

We recommend keeping up with the “Market Week” section. This covers insights from the previous week as well as the trading landscape in the international market.

Barron’s covers more than financial and investing news. They also cover general world news to ensure advisors keep up with worldly topics and how they make an impact on the finance world.

12. Kiplinger

You have likely stumbled upon a Kiplinger article before. Kiplinger is one of the best-known publications that covers financial news and advice for everyone. Some of the topics they cover include insurance, investing, retirement, taxes, and small business ownership.

Content on their website is free. They also offer different magazines that contain more finance information. We recommend looking into their weekly Kiplinger Letter, their monthly Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, and Kiplinger’s Tax Letter available on their website.

13. The Economist

The Economist is more than just a finance magazine. This publication offers insight into the entire economy. You’ll also find articles about technology, politics, business, science, and of course finance.

If you’re only interested in finance, you can easily navigate to the finance and economics section on their website. They offer in-depth financial topics that will benefit even the most seasoned advisor. Common topics include banking and stocks.

We also recommend you keep up with their business section. The Economist offers business advice that will benefit all advisors. Example topics include why you should treat staff fairly. You’ll also see news on some of the biggest businesses.

14. Investor’s Business Daily

Investor’s Business Daily offers education and research that will benefit investors and advisors. Their content is updated daily, helping all investors make the best trading decisions.

This publication is beneficial for advisors who focus on stocks. Investor’s Business Daily covers stock market topics that will benefit investors.

You should especially pay attention to the “Stocks on the Move” section and read some of the individual stocks they write about.

Is Financial Advisor News Not Enough?

While financial advisor news will help tremendously, new financial advisors should also look into mentorship and consulting. Contact us to schedule your free evaluation.