Always have a call to action in your marketing.

Always Have an Offer

Yesterday I talked about “call to action” in all of your marketing. Unfortunately way too many advisors think a call to action is call us to set an appointment when you’re ready.

What you must have is something that’s often referred to as a “lead magnet” in online marketing.    A reason to respond right now.   A “Low Bar” easy action to take.  A simple way to get them into your “nurture” sequence if they’re not ready to talk with you right now.

What should it be?

Well, there are many many possibilities. One great reason to have your own book is not to sell it, but to use it as a “lead magnet” giving it away.

What can be used for a free or inexpensive offer?

  1. A Free Webinar;
  2. An inexpensive Live or Online training program;
  3. A targeted book;
  4. A Free luncheon or dinner meeting
  5. A free meeting without some other “bribe”
  6. A free report;
  7. A “Shock & Awe” box of relevant content;
  8. A Free online consultation

And, more and more.

You see others doing this well and poorly all of the time. In our industry you’ve probably seen this one:

To Investors Who Want To Retire Comfortably

If you have a $500,000 portfolio, download the guide by best-selling author and money manager Ken Fisher’s firm. It’s called 99 Retirement Tips from Ken Fisher. Even if you have something else in place right now, it still makes sense to request your guide!

You see this done in many places. Each time I fly from the Denver Airport I see a Motorcycle with a sign that says register here to win this motorcycle.   Obviously a lead magnet.  A good one?   Well, I doubt it but I’d rather look at their numbers before saying for sure.

To circle back a second. Should you or should you not have a “Call to Action” on your:

[unordered_list style=”e.g. custom, unstyled, font-awesome-list”]

  • Website
  • Business Card
  • In your Book
  • In all Facebook ads
  • In all LinkedIn ads
  • On all Direct Mail Solicitations
  • At all Events
  • In all “Lead Nurture” sequences…

Well, the Answer is YES in all cases, everywhere, now and forever.