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April 22, 2022 by

Advisor Wealth Mastery Team

We just returned from an academy event in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. Currently I’m prepping for a long weekend of staff and business owner training in Breckenridge, Colorado this weekend. And as I’m preparing I’m thinking again about how necessary it is to have aggressive implementation if you want awesome results. 

The Extreme Success Academy was incredible from start to finish. Toby Milroy, Jeff Smith, Bill Clark, Dave Kovar, Terry Bryan, and Keith Hafner are always fantastic. A relatively last-minute addition was Karl Mecklenburg, former Denver Bronco NFL player, who was a six-time All-Pro and played in three Super Bowls. I must say, for me at least, he was the surprise highlight of the weekend. 

I’ve spoken with many of the participants, both during the event and since. There’s been a universal agreement this event was much better than last year — and the best event ever, in terms of focused content and a real action plan to implement success. 

On another, similar subject, I received this email (edited for space) today.

“I’ve had a business for more than 16 years. The last five have been very unproductive. My biggest problem to overcome is getting the phone to ring. I have used various marketing materials in the past, with little to no results. The ads are awesome, but interest in them is not.

The bottom line is that I want my business to grow. You provide the resources to make it happen. Let’s test the system. Give me an ad with the offer that was very successful with another business; I’ll duplicate the process, and then let’s see my results. 

I am aware that it isn’t all about acquiring new clients, but this is number one on my hit list. If I can’t cause the phone to ring or drive prospects to my website to schedule an appointment, then the rest of your marketing ideas for retention are irrelevant.”

Jeffrey Whitney


I must say it’s a shame Whitney didn’t attend the event. He would have heard Keith Hafner’s spectacular presentation on generating new clients a few years ago. He explained about community outreach rather than one letter or ad slick. And he would have heard Bill Clark, Dave Kovar, Jeff Smith, and I discuss how the market has changed and what you must do to run a successful business.

Several of my businesses have generated 50 to 100 new clients during the last 30 days, through community outreach activities, not paid advertising or a one-off ad slick. During the 1980s and 1990s, I could just pour money into newspaper ads and saturation-bombing direct mail and do perfectly fine. Those times have long since passed, especially with the rapid growth of technology.

Why Don’t We “Walk Our Talk?”

When talking with many other entrepreneurs and business owners over the last few months, I had a ‘blinding flash of the obvious’. I’ve always loved the reference (I borrowed it from Tom Peters).

What’s the ‘blinding flash of the obvious’?

All business owners say we show focus, discipline, and confidence. Many of us also claim to pass on success skills, such as goal setting, self-esteem, and self-image to other budding business owners in the making.

I see a total lack of those same attributes or a failure to translate the lessons learned physically to the operation and day-to-day running of their business. This is the number one problem of business owners.

We should all be a ‘product of the product’ and no, I’m not talking about a walking, talking, killing machine. What I’m talking about is becoming goal-oriented, focused on results, and having high expectations of ourselves as well as our businesses. Bottom line, we have to focus on implementation. And now. We have to create our goals, map a plan to achieve them and then go out and focus on aggressive implementation to get awesome results. 

If we don’t actually go and do the things now to reach our goals, then they’re nothing more than a pipe dream. Need help with implementation? Schedule a complimentary appointment with our team here:

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