Engaging Email for Financial Advisors

6 Tips for More Engaging Email

If you have a marketing plan, it probably includes email marketing as one of the channels. Email marketing has changed over the years, but it still works. You’ll reap the greatest results by creating engaging email and focusing on the content of the emails you send. Nothing else matters if recipients aren’t opening the messages you send out. Getting someone to open your emails is the start of drawing them in as a lead. The same is true for bringing unconverted prospects back to the table. Once they open the email, you can bring them in or lose them. It all depends on what’s inside the email.

Tell them who you are

Recipients should be able to tell that emails are from you or your business. If there’s anything confusing or suspicious about the “from” line, it could end up in their spam or trash folder.

Create a good subject

The subject of your email is your chance to convince your reader to open the email. Depending on your email marketing service, you may be able to edit the preview text below the subject line. Your goal here is to convey that there’s important information inside the email without sounding like a spam message. Mailchimp gives these tips on best practices for email subjects:

  • Try to use no more than 9 words
  • Try to use no more than 1 emoji
  • Avoid using more than 60 characters
  • Avoid using more than 3 punctuation marks

Create visually appealing content

The visual design of your email should balance simplicity and appeal. Include a few relevant images, but keep your color scheme simple. Simplicity should apply to the actual layout of your content as well. It’s easy to overwhelm readers with busy layouts that aren’t easy to read. 

Get to the point

Keep your messaging engaging, brief, and to the point while. Include enough information to induce readers to click through for more details. If you add too much, they decide that they don’t have time to read it. 

Don’t forget your CTA

While you should keep messaging brief, don’t do this at the cost of leaving out your call to action (CTA). Graphics, buttons, or inline text to call attention and link to what you want readers to do. All 3 options allow you to add a CTA to your email without sacrificing the visual design. 

Send a test email

Send yourself or a colleague a test email before sending the email out to your mailing list. This allows you to see what your recipients will see and fix any issues. It’s also an excellent chance to proofread your text and make necessary edits. 

The emails you send out are a reflection of you and your business. They may be the first contact that someone has with you before they form an opinion. It’s important to create engaging email to draw them into your lead funnel without clogging their inbox with useless information.

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