Greg Moody, PhD

Advisors Wealth Mastery Lead Client Development Coach

Dr. Greg Moody is an expert at a wide range of business, marketing and sales in and out of the investment industry. He started as an aerospace engineer (he’s literally a rocket scientist) with NASA to founding multiple small to large businesses and now has worked with hundreds of various businesses to get them way past where they ever imagined they could.

He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Arizona State University, a Master’s degree in Psychology and a Ph.D. to work on expanding research to support the business owners he works with and coaches. He’s written multiple books including “The Life Skills of Leaders”, among others.

He left a very successful career in engineering in 1995 because he wanted to spend his energies developing people. He felt that while engineering and developing technology is an important way to make a contribution to the world, the better way for him would be to help people directly, not through technology.

He has helped businesses all over the nation. Many schools have doubled their business success due to training with Dr. Moody. This is not just due to business advice, but because of the complete attention to all aspects of running a practice. He feels everything done in a practice must be with extreme client service and a benefit to the clients first. All of the other parts of the business will come out of this.

His businesses have been nationally recognized as the “Best in the Nation” 8 years in a row – he’s been featured on local TV and newspapers in Phoenix, Arizona, national magazines (Parade Magazine, Yahoo Parenting and more) and you can see him at his regular podcast at