Getting Your Name Out There

June 1, 2021 by

Advisor Wealth Mastery Team

Getting Your Name Out There…..

It’s more or less marketing 101, but it’s violated constantly.

I hear Advisors talk about advertising to “Get their Name Out There.”

In watching the television over the holidays I saw a number of ads for financial companies. One that I remember seeing over and over was for Northwestern Mutual who I work with a lot and appreciate them as a company. However they were advertising on network TV – nationally I presume. Unfortunately their television commercials totally lacked what might be referred to as a “lead magnet.”

It ended with at the bottom of the screen in tiny font, and I believe said go to to locate an advisor near you.

Now that’s a HORRIBLE call to action.

It’s akin to saying once you decide independently to buy something from me, look up my phone number.

What would be better?

Well, there are good examples around as well. Look at Tom Selleck offering to mail you the complete information package – with a graphic showing the kit with a DVD included. Think of Fisher Investments offer for Free Retirement Planning Guide.

In most all sales processes it’s true, but certainly it’s true with any and all online marketing and with all cold contact marketing, that most people who see your advertising may be a little interested in your topic. They in all most all cases aren’t ready to buy something today. They definitely have never heard about you, and therefore have no particular trust in you, yet.

It’s a very simple concept, however very often it’s missed.

I guess what happens is that financial advisors watch advertising on television or other mass media. They see big companies like Pepsi/Coke or Taco Bell/Wendy’s.

With those companies – let’s take Coke/Pepsi. The only place people really make a choice of soft drink is when they walk into the grocery store – certainly ranging from Costco to 7-11 where walking down the aisle they choose one or the other. When I go to a movie or a restaurant I just have whatever they use in-house.

Same with Taco Bell, et all.

We jump in the car to grab a quick lunch. When driving up to an intersection there’s a Taco Bell, McDonald’s and whatever else and we make a decision.

We are not in that business.

We’re in a role where we need to get them to raise their hand.

Then educate them on ways that they really need to consider what we have to offer.

Then move them to set an appointment.

Once prospects in a position where they are interested in meeting with us one-on-one – which certainly can be via phone or zoom – then we can make our case. Hopefully, you make yours effectively.

So it’s important to figure out what’s your “lead magnet.”

What’s the most powerful “offer” you can make for those who don’t yet know or trust you.

More on crafting that offer later, but think about this:

Always try to “get inside the conversation going on in their head” – they’re not looking for your “product” – they’re looking to solve a problem that they are already pondering.

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