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Please watch these videos then scroll down to learn if you qualify for our program as well as how specifically we work together.


Advisor Marketing Success Secrets

Millionaire Mindset

So What Exactly is the “Advisor Wealth Mastery” and What Will it Do For You!

In the simplest terms – we are organized the same way a professional Advisor business should be – and the way yours probably is – in a simple progression with powerful outcomes, built around each individual client’s skill, abilities, and desire for excellence. The “Advisor Wealth Mastery” program helps Advisor business owners who are already operating a profitable business, multiply their results with SMART marketing systems, proven successful “operations” systems, world-class staff development and management systems, hyper-effective sales systems and MUCH, MUCH more!


Although often we can make BIG Improvements quickly in new Advisor Wealth Mastery business, the reality is that it’s a process, not a QUICK FIX. It’s an educational process where you’ll benefit from a similarly motivated peer group along with a focused and highly skilled teachers.

What differentiates the “Advisor Wealth Mastery” program from other programs in general?

Primarily… it’s NOT about more stuff. It’s not about filling your mailbox or inbox with more videos, recordings, or stuff to read, and it’s not about a huge amount of content on the website although there’s plenty there to keep you busy if you so choose. There is a COMPREHENSIVE well-designed program designed to help you Master Influence, Marketing, and Leadership. We’ll walk you through maximizing your revenue per client and the necessary skills to run a high quality, high-profit Advisor business. We’ll give you the tools to fill your business with quality clients and to keep them for life. The “Advisor Wealth Mastery” program combines several essential elements to make sure to move from knowledge to implementation. To make sure you move from support tools to a dynamic and profitable business. We’ll not only train you but also your staff and associates to be dynamic professionals in the career that you love. Our Explicit Mission for the Advisor Wealth Mastery is to move each and every Advisor Wealth Mastery member to succeed in their profession of teaching Advisor.

Clearly this achievement includes:

  • Having an incredibly positive impact on their clients.
  • Mastering recruiting to ensure a constant flow of new clients.
  • Achieving a personal income in the Top 1% of our Industry.

The Key Elements that differentiate “Advisor Wealth Mastery” are the following:

1 A “Powerful Peer Group” of fellow successful Advisor Wealth Mastery members – Who Range from the Top 1% of Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors.

Typically we meet in person face-to-face in various locations on a quarterly basis. These are two-day Master-Mind sessions.

West Point Group

In support of our themes of “Leadership & Abundance” sometimes the location for our sessions are designed for the “Wealth and Abundance” perspective. Held in locations or at events that are “Magnets” for high-income entrepreneurs from a variety of professions and businesses. Other locations are designed to support our theme of “Leadership.” Locations that exemplify either the pinnacle of leadership development or, unique business environments that demonstrate leadership in a category (Advisor instruction or, other categories of relevance to our chosen profession) to allow our members to “bench-mark” success or be inspired to new innovation. On months that we don’t meet face-to-face for two or three days -we meet on either a video teleconference or webinar. In those months we can solve your problems and opportunities as a team – or, feature a PEAK outcome of an Advisor Wealth Mastery member or other contributors. Highlighting excellence in marketing, sales effectiveness, or client service in real-time.

2 A “Mentor-Coach.” To support your growth and motivate you to new heights.

We all realize that peak achievement requires a teacher to support your growth and motivate our growth and achievement. In the Advisor Wealth Mastery process you’ll be personally coached by “Millionaire Maker” Stephen Oliver and have support from our “Super Star” team including Jeff Smith, Greg Moody, Bob Dunne, Marek Gahura and the rest of our incredible team. We’ll be reviewing your results in real-time.

Mastery Team

We’ll be “looking over your shoulder” to point out opportunities and help you clarify your implementation strategies. You’ll keep us up to date on your results and on your challenges and opportunities. Every month we’ll schedule a time to review your results and your gaps in understanding. The Coaching Process is valuable in many ways but, perhaps most important is in having a VERY Knowledgeable coach to pat you on the back when you need it – and, frankly to kick you in the ass when necessary. It’s also, very valuable for that often missing subtle understanding of how specific universal sales or marketing apply specifically to your business, clients, style, or area. It’s often the final implementation It’s often the missing link in implementation for your specific situation or need. In these coaching sessions at times, they are used as “staff” meetings to clarify implementation for your staff or associates. At other times it may be to solve highly personal and sometimes extremely sensitive and confidential concerns or challenges. Our program provides a sincere and capable teacher. A teacher who will mentor you and urge you on to higher performance. Sometimes through a concerned arm around your shoulder or a much-needed pat on the back. Other times by an appropriate “kick-in-the-ass.” We’ll be able to see the “small details” that make a big difference. Able to point out the small things that would make a massive improvement in your technique and understanding. We’ll provide a peer group of other clients who were struggling and striving towards the same goals as you. Some were more advanced and help you along. Others were behind you and give you an opportunity to internalize and understand what you had been taught by teaching it to them. Some were competing with you directly helping you rise to a higher level with your skills.


DO YOU QUALIFY for acceptance?


Are you looking for a “Life-Boat?”

Our program is for the businesses that are doing a lot of things right – but, who are ready to triple, quadruple, or more their personal incomes – their business’s NET INCOME after expenses.  If this is your last hope to survive – we’re the wrong place for you.

Are you grossing at least $200,000.00 a year from your Advisor Business?

We have three levels of new members:


$500,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 

$200,000.00 to $500,000.00

If you’re not already at 100 clients and/or over $15,000 a month we can point you in directions to help you qualify but you aren’t a good fit for our Advisor Wealth Coaching/Mastermind Program.

Our members approximately break down evenly (on the way into the program) 1/3 at each level.

Most new members have worked with others and are ready for the top-tier where they can massively grow their NET income – and, improve both their life-style along with improving the quality of their clients.

Don’t confuse us with the “Bozo Explosion” of incompetent, ignorant, or well-meaning but inadequate “coaches or consultants”  – there are many pretend experts. 

We have BOTH been in the trenches, run multi-million dollar businesses operations, been the industry leader in many, many areas –we’ve worked with many professional and business owners including many Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors.

AND duplicated that success OVER and OVER Again throughout North America and throughout the world.

The proven path to duplicate that success for you.

Rules for Acceptance to the “Advisor Wealth Mastery”:

  1. A Proven willingness to “Empty your cup” and Implement Proven Success Systems.
  2. A willingness to share cooperatively with other Advisor Wealth Mastery Members to help them grow and develop, and a deep commitment to the confidentiality of any and all proprietary and/or sensitive information you’ll be entrusted with.
  3. Honesty and Personal Integrity.
  4. A proven sincerity in promoting Advisor and developing clients to their highest potential.
  5. A willingness to “get out of bed in the morning and, get to work.” Ultimately none of this works if you aren’t willing to IMPLEMENT Aggressively.

Finally, to be Frank….. we have a “no-assholes” rule.

It’s essential that each member enhances the experience of their peers and frankly that they be a “joy to work with.” We will only accept members that our Executive team can be excited to help grow and can feel proud of their results.

Clearly the Advisor Wealth Mastery team is only open to Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers personally making a top 20% or Better Personal Income and, who are running a Truly Excellent Business.

It’s only open to the business that is capable of sharing equally and supporting the growth of all of our Advisor Wealth Mastery Members.

Advisor Wealth Mastery members are often $1,000,000.00+ a year business, Strong Multi-Unit Business Owners and, often are accepted at $500,000.00 or more a year with a mission to radically improve their personal lifestyle while continuing to increase their personal income. This is the team that comprises the primary “Role-Models” for our lower level members and who work closely with Stephen Oliver personally to dramatically support and grow the Advisor profession as a whole.

Ultimately how should you decide if this is “For You?”

If you are a “Growth-Oriented” business owner who’s ready for the next “big leap” in financial results – improved staff results – and, enhanced life-style this is your accelerated path to those results.

Ultimately we’ll evaluate to make sure that you are capable of AT LEAST a 10 to 1 return on your time and money invested. “Behind the scenes” we’re looking for “BIG SUCCESS STORIES” – for participants likely to grow dramatically through our process and support.

By the way….. before our next call PLEASE Make sure that you’ve done your research. 

We’ll be making a decision next time whether this is the best path forward for you….. If you need your wife or husband to be involved in your decision making – or, if you have active or passive business partner’s then PLEASE include them on our next call and get them up to speed with this information and all of the support materials that we’ve already shared with you.

Specifically how do we work together?

Typically we meet in person face-to-face via small group member’s only “Zoom Video” meetings essentially Every Week.

These are fully interactive live meetings facilitated by Stephen Oliver or key members of his team. Every question will be answered. No stone left “Unturned.” You won’t be left confused or overwhelmed. It’s an “Iterative process” to make sure you are on-track and getting great results.

Between these live “Zoom” Video meetings (all of which are recorded and available to members immediately) our entire team is continually available in the “Secret” member’s only discussion forum.

We also have two-day Face-To-Face Quick-Start Mastermind Master-Mind sessions, typically spring and fall.  Those are held in beautiful Evergreen or Golden, Colorado.

A recent Master-Mind meeting facilitated by Stephen Oliver
A recent Master-Mind meeting at Clearwater Beach Florida – learning Management Skills from former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik)

With this ongoing daily & weekly support, we can solve your problems and opportunities as a team – or, feature a PEAK outcome of an Advisor Wealth Mastery member or other contributors. Highlighting excellence in marketing, sales effectiveness, or client service in real-time.

We’ll be “looking over your shoulder” to point out opportunities and help you clarify your implementation strategies. You’ll keep us up to date on your results and on your challenges and opportunities. Coaching Process is valuable in many ways but, perhaps most important is in having a VERY Knowledgeable coach to pat you on the back when you need it – and, frankly to kick you in the ass when necessary.

It’s also, very valuable for that often missing subtle understanding of how specific universal sales or marketing apply specifically to your business, clients, staff, or area. It’s often the final implementation missing link.

My guess is that you had a sincere and capable teacher. A teacher who mentored you and urged you on to higher performance. Sometimes through a concerned arm around your shoulder or a much-needed pat on the back. Other times by an appropriate “kick-in-the-ass.”

That same instructor was able to see the “small details” that made a big difference. Able to point out the small things that would make a massive improvement in your technique and understanding.

I’d also guess that you like me had a peer group of other clients who were struggling and striving towards the same goals as you. Some were more advanced and helped you along. Others were behind you and gave you an opportunity to internalize and understand what you had been taught by teaching it to them. Some were competing with you directly helping you rise to a higher level with your skills.

We meet face-to-face for “Quick-Start” High Level “Master-Mind” meetings where our other Advisor Wealth Mastery members provide a POWERFUL Sounding Board and Support Team for your Growth. These meetings will be facilitated by Stephen Oliver.

Periodically we do “Behind the Scenes” of the highest level leadership development with Jeff Smith and Stephen Oliver at locations around the country (Recent locations: Disney – Orlando, Disney – Annaheim, The United States Military Academy at Westpoint, NY, The United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD and others.)

You’ll Participate in our Annual “Ultimate Advisor Marketing Bootcamp” This is the industry’s most elite “Marketing Bootcamp.”

Behind the Scenes at the United States Naval Academy with
Commander Hung Cao and Jeff Smith
The Annual “Marketing Bootcamp” typically held in Golden, Colorado. Creating a Plan for 100 new clients in 6-8 weeks.
The Annual “Marketing Bootcamp” typically held in Golden, Colorado.
“Creating a Plan for 100 new clients in 6-8 weeks.”

You’ll participate in our New Member “Quick-Start” Process – Small New member meetings by the “Zoom” Video Conference.  These are designed to walk you through each stage of opportunity to dramatically improve your revenue and profits. These will walk you through Marketing, Sales Processes, Referral System, Systems Design, Software Implementations, Online Methods and more.

We’ll get our Team Together in Small-Group Master-Mind “Zoom” Video Conferences every week.  These are live and interactive.  Ask any questions, share your best results, get new ideas and solve your existing challenges.  If you can’t make these live they are all recorded for your review or for staff training after the events.

Zoom meeting participants preview

We ACTIVELY support a Master-Mind Process with our team members in many ways.  Certainly, one in addition to the live meetings, the video meetings, and the small group master-mind is our “Secret” Members Only Discussion Forum where all of our team is there to answer questions and all members actively participate to share results or solve ongoing challenges.

You’ll have direct access to Stephen Oliver and our Support Team including Jeff Smith, Bob Dunne, Greg Moody, Marek Gahura and others continually.

You’ll be encouraged to keep us up-to-date on your “stats,” projects, and questions on an ongoing basis.  They are available in the discussion group,  Quick-Start meetings, master-mind live “Zoom” Video Meeting and Live Quick-Start meetings.

Every month you will be receiving Lessons from our Millionaire Smarts Coach Lee Milteer.  These are lessons on success thinking, entrepreneur skills, achievement mind-set, time-management and other necessary skills for success.

Complete Member Walk-Through and of Systems and Member Resources with Member Services and Support Director – Bob Dunne.  

We Start with a THOROUGH Business Evaluation.

Each new Advisor Wealth Mastery Member will be asked to send a “BOX” of information for a thorough analysis and initial development plan to locate Missing Opportunities and Hidden Opportunities for BIG Revenue Growth. We’ll work together to go through all of your current systems and simplify and enhance your operation starting from day 1.

So, who exactly will be helping you every step of the way?

Who is Stephen Oliver and Why Should I Listen To Him???

Gee – in our industry it seems like everyone has popped up to offer advice how do you tell fact from fantasy? Value from Fraud?

Unfortunately in our industry most of the really successful people are spending their time growing their staff, clients, businesses, and especially their net profit not sharing their secrets with you. I am different from most of those sharing information in a variety of VERY important ways that are important to you and will help you dramatically grow your business – and, your income.

Many of the “gurus” in our industry fall into one of the following categories:

1. Never been there – never done that.

That’s right – there’s a BUNCH of people trying to sell you advice who have never sat where you sit – and, dealing with the problems and opportunities that you face every day. They often are excellent speakers – and, persuasive purveyors of their own products, programs, or subscriptions but really never did it themselves. Their ideas are unproven. Their perspective limited to that of an outsider.

How am I different?

Well – I opened my first business in 1975. And, have been continuously operating my Mile High Karate business in Denver since 1983. Mile High Karate currently has successful locations throughout North America. I’ve operated a large business operation – have taught 1000’s and run every aspect of a business. And, can teach you step by step, item by item how to replicate my success – without the “brain damage!”

2. Only run a business in their memory.

Some of those who consult or run organizations or even “fake franchises” only run a business in their memory – in some case distant memory. Some of those recollections seem more like a distant dream (or, in some cases vivid nightmare!) Many of these people operated in very different circumstances and times.

How am I different.

I am still totally immersed in the daily operations of several businesses since 1983 – up to the meeting – nose to nose, belly to belly with clients every day.   Multiple time per week I meet with  business owners, business managers and staff from all over North America as well as the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand – and, solve the everyday problems that you face in the real world (albeit at possibly a higher volume.)

3. Never ran a successful business.

Even those advise givers who really run or have run business – usually never ran a particularly successful operation. Many got into offering advice about running a business or, put together an organization or starting “coaching” since they really couldn’t figure out how to make much of a living running an Advisor business of their own.

How am I different?

I broke the $1,000,000.00 a year barrier – way back in 1985 – and continue to operate a hugely successful operation. I’ve made a six and seven-figure + personal income for over 35 years.

4. “Flash in the Pan”

Often this comes in the guise of – gee I just started figuring this stuff out and had a great year last year. What if you pay me to tell you about my short-term successes. I did $ (pick a number $100,000 net, $400,000 gross, etc., etc.) will do more this year – and, would love to show you how I did it.

How I am different?

Well – I’ve already covered this for you – but, let’s just say that there are many people who have a good year or two. Let’s see if they can weather the ups and downs of our industry – and, boom years and recession.

5. Personality driven – not duplicatable.

I think we’d both be able to draw upon a few examples of Magnetic Personalities – who’s personal success is exciting – but, really not something that could EVER be replicated in your operation.

How am I different?

I’ve run a large business operation since 1983. In that time nearly 100% of our marketing, sales, and service were accomplished by employees who implemented my systems. They are not dependent upon charisma or unstoppable energy. I have spent years studying operations and marketing – including formally achieving a Master’s in Business Administration– to help me create powerful duplicatable systems for business operations.

6. Have lost touch with what works in the 21st century.

Unfortunately, the industry is full of dinosaurs and leaders of the past – whose time has long since passed, but who’s friends and associates are unwilling to say “the emperor has no clothes.” Systems that may have been revolutionary in 1970 or 1980 (even 1990 and beyond) may be out of date or just plain insufficient in the current environment.

How am I different?

In a variety of ways, I continue to explore the “leading edge” of new technologies, sales techniques, marketing strategies, and technological enhancements. I explore the latest approaches not only through my own business implementation but through an unmatched “master-mind” team of industry leaders that I network with and share ideas with constantly. The latest strategies and tools are immediately available to all of our franchisees.[/su_note]

Lee Milteer

Performance Coach, Author & Speaker


lee-milteerLee Milteer is a Performance and Productivity Coach, Author, Professional Speaker, and TV Personality. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® and Untamed Success Coaching programs. Lee hosts America’s Premier Experts TV Show, which is aired on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox Affiliates. Lee also hosts Untamed Success: Positive TV, a Monthly Web-Based TV Show. Lee speaks all over North America and Europe in Conventions, Private Companies, and Entrepreneurial and Niche Market Events. As president of Lee Milteer, Inc., Career Development Strategists, she has counseled and trained over a million people in her speeches. Her presentations are so effective that organizations such as Walt Disney, AT&T, XEROX, IBM, Ford Motor Co., NASA, Federal Express, 3M, Sales & Marketing Executive International, plus hundreds of government agencies and scores of conventions, associations meetings, and Niche Market Events repeatedly retain her to inspire and motivate their audiences with up-to-date wisdom. In her career, Lee Milteer has shared the platform with many well-known and famous personalities, such as Dr. Phil, Gene Simmons from KISS, George Ross (Donald Trump’s Chief negotiator who appeared on the TV show The Apprentice), the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the late Og Mandino, Dan Kennedy, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen from the Chicken Soup book fame, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Ted Koppel, Lynn Redgrave, Marlo Thomas, Bill Glazer, Robert Cialdini, T. Harv Eker, Mike Ditka, Les Brown, Wally “Famous” Amos, Ivanka Trump, George Foreman, and Joan Rivers, to mention a few. Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her video seminars are distributed through the Mind Extension Universe (MEU) Network, reaching 350 of the top FORTUNE 500 companies and major universities. She has developed training films for Bell Telephone, the U.S. Navy, Dun & Bradstreet, the U.S. Air Force, and many private companies, as well as hosting infomercials and TV commercials. Lee is a recognized, best-selling audio and video author, whose products have been endorsed by Nightingale Conant, SyberVision, and CareerTrack. Lee’s book, Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling is published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company. She is the author of the book Success Is An Inside Job and, CO-Author of Walking with the Wise for Entrepreneurs, Reach Your Career Dreams, The Secrets of Peak Performers One and Two, The Phenomenon: Achieve More in the Next 12 Months than the Previous 12 Years, Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets, and Walking with The Wise Overcoming Obstacles.

Lee is a regular guest on National TV and radio shows. Lee hosted and produced her own cable television show, “LifeStyles” and had her own advice segment on Canada’s #1 rated daytime talk show, “The Dini Petty Show.” In addition, Lee has been an expert guest on more than 700 TV and Radio shows throughout North America in her career.

Lee’s background includes extensive experience in Sales & Marketing and commercial real estate. She was the owner and President of an electronics equipment sales and leasing company. Lee also traveled all over the world as a professional photographer. In addition, she was a Rock & Roll Disc Jockey on WNOR-FM in Norfolk, Va, and a National Catalog Model. Lee has been interviewed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals all over the world, including U.S.A. TODAY, Wall Street Journal, and many magazines.

In recognition of her achievements, Lee received an Honorary Doctorate in Motivational Theory from Commonwealth College. She attained top honors as “Highest Rated Speaker”, presenting public seminars in over 100 cities annually while with CareerTrack, North America’s premier seminar and training company. She was awarded the “Rising Star Award” by General Cassette Corporation, named “Most Outstanding Young Woman” by the Jaycees and “Most Professional Woman in Hampton Roads.” She also received the Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year from the National Association of Women Business Owners for the Southeastern Chapter, and The Best of Virginia Beach in Training and Services. Lee’s latest awards are: The Inside Business Women in Business Award, and the Inside Business & Regent University Entrepreneurial Excellence Award.

Lee is not only a successful businesswoman she is also a talented artist, writer, photographer and painter who has shown and sold her work in galleries and art shows.

Lee lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay and the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean on the beach with her dog “Angel” Cat “Midnight” and her husband Clifton Williams. Her hobbies are painting, photography, reading, walking on the beach and traveling. Her favorite charities are the SPCA and animal rescue organizations. She owns her own office building where her Publishing Company Lee Milteer Publishing office is located in VA Beach, Virginia.

LEE MILTEER GIVES BACK: Lee has worked with SPCA, Horse Rescue organizations, WVEC, WTKR, WHRO AND WAVY-TV stations as on-air personality for charities such as Easter Seals, and many charity Organizations. Lee has donated time to the NSA chapters of VA for Speakers, spoken for free for many nonprofit organizations to help them raise funds for their projects.


3 The high-level “curriculum” designed for Advisors that can and will understand and appreciate a more sophisticated and ultimately more profitable approach.

Whether it’s sales and persuasion at the highest level targeted specifically at our industry or the most sophisticated (AND, INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE) Marketing Secrets on the planet you’ll be on the leading edge (and, sometimes “bleeding edge”) of effective marketing trends.



You are inundated with “Stuff.” There’s a cacophony of voices telling you what to do in our industry. You may be getting emails, YouTube videos, magazines, and a bunch of stuff from various gurus and support organizations.

You don’t have time for “More Stuff” and, certainly don’t need more DVD’s, CD’s or 50 more pages to read this week.

But, That’s not what Advisor Wealth Mastery is all about.

What you need are more new clients. Ways to keep your clients longer. Effective methods for expanding Assets under Management from your clients.  And systems to attract and keep more loyal clients. And, of course, you need more revenue but more importantly more net profit.

As an Example, Here is a Small Sampling of Recent Master Mind Sessions

Mastering the Art of Outstanding Customer Service with the Walt Disney Company Disney-1 Disney-2
Bench-marking Excellence in High-Level Education at the Harvard School of Business Harvard-1Harvard-2
Mastering the Art and Science of Leadership at the US Military Academy at West Point WestPoint-1WestPoint-2
Management and Systems Mastery at the Hotel Del Coronado HotelDel-1 Del-2

It’s essential to have someone to challenge you and keep you from becoming complacent.

At Every Step of the Way you have a POWERFUL Support Team – working with you to grow your business.


Here’s Proof

5 Stars Reviews

Now, I Know What You Might Be Thinking!

Now, I know what you might be thinking, “All this sound great, but how do I really know that your systems and tools will work in MY business, in MY area, and with MY clients”? Well…that’s the best part!  You don’t have to take my word for it. Instead, see for yourself the types of result we’re getting for our members from ALL OVER THE GLOBE, in small towns and big cities, in soft styles and hard styles, with NO STAFF or many, virtually EVERY type of business in virtually every type of demographic will benefit from this program!

Here is what honest members have to say about our program.

. . .

. . .